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If you haven't done so already, read the page on stucturing learning, or download a copy here. This workshop will help you to tease out what is involved in the five stages of the framework and to see how that fits in with your current practice. Structuring learning

You will also need a copy of the audit sheets, either a PDF version to fill in in ink, or a Word version you can load and complete digitally.
PDF version Word version


The sheets can be used in various ways, depending on what you see as your priorities for action. Choose one of the following tasks, or devise one that better suits your development plans.

A – focus on practice

You could use the sheets to review your own practice. What do you already do well? What don't you do that could usefully be developed? There is space at the end of each stage for you to add any additional activities you usually undertake at that stage. Jot down ideas for further consideration. Use a copy of the Action Plan from Workshop 11 to firm up your development plans.

B – focus on resources

You could use the sheets to help you to analyse the next unit of work in the course materials you are using. Use the blank column to tick off or note down the stages already well covered by your course. Highlight any items which you feel are not well (or not at all) covered. If you feel there is a deficit, consider what activities and/or resources would be required to make up the deficit. Jot these down in the appropriate places on the sheets, then use a copy of the Action Plan from Workshop 11 to firm up your development plans.

Note: some commonly used courses are crammed with listening, reading, talking and writing activites, but don't do the 'what you need to learn' bits very well, or there is confusion about the purpose of some of the activities: whether they are intended for practice (Stage 3) or performance (Stage 4). You may need to tease this out, perhaps re-organise activities, and make their purpose explicit for your learners.

FOOTNOTE: When planning an activity, always ask yourself, 'What's the purpose of this activity? How does it fit into the learning plan?'
When you have the answers, tell your

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