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NEWS - from UK Government
The Teacher Training Resource Bank (, Behaviour4Learning (, Multiverse ( and SEN Portal ( websites closed on 31 March 2011. All available resources can now be accessed from the new Teacher Development Hub on the TDA website ( This includes images of the existing sites held by National Archives.

Education Scotland website
Education Scotland is the new national body responsible for supporting quality and improvement in Scottish education. This website provides information about Education Scotland and links to the websites of the organisations and teams that form the new agency.

Network for Languages
This consortium of universities was launched 1.4.11 to replace Links into Languages.

Links into Languages
A legacy website is being maintained. Details here:

Update on CILT activity


The Languages Company
Works with a range of partners to help deliver the National Languages Strategy. On behalf of the Department for Education: supports the introduction of languages into Primary Schools, works to ensure the success of The Languages Review, promotes the National Strategy and helping to coordinate its delivery. Also involved in a number of projects and initiatives in support of language teaching and learning – supporting pedagogy, promoting discussion about language policy and increasing access to information and resources.

The National Curriculum (not Scotland)
Non-statutory guidelines for MFL at Key Stage 2:

Key Stages 3 and 4:

BBC Languages
Including links to resources and foreign TV programmes




European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education
Facilitates the collection, processing and transfer of European level and country specific information.
Agency projects:

The Council of Europe website

The Council of Europe European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML)

[11.9.13] CODA
Breaking barriers in language learning



[16.4.12] Curriculum for excellence: principles and frameworks: Key documents

Scottish CILT: FAQs
A comprehensive list of links to MFL documentation for the Curriculum for Excellence can be found here:

What is Curriculum for Excellence?

Curriculum for Excellence: Overview of key terms and features

Curricuum for excellence: Languages

Modern Languages: Principles and practice

Experiences and Outcomes: Modern Languages

National Qualifications: Modern Languages

Modern Languages: Support materials

Global Citizenship Blog

The Scottish Qualifications Authority

New Qualifications
Modern Languages:
Modern Languages for Work Purposes:
Gaelic (learners):
Overview of Qualifications for Access 1 and Access 2

Guidance on Special Examination Arrangements

Adapted Digital Exams
Adapted digital SQA Exam Papers for students with additional support needs.

Scottish Association for Language Teaching (SALT)

National Framework for Inclusion
Scottish Teacher Education Committee website

Working together
A guidance document to support improved partnership working between education and allied health professions services.

Developing the four capacities through modern languages: focusing on successful learners in primary schools

Supporting learners

Supporting highly able learners

How good is our school? (2008)
Self evaluation tool from HMIe Scotland

How Good is Our School? Part 2. Inclusion and equality
Evaluating education for pupils with additional support needs in mainstream schools

How Good is Our School? Part 3. Promoting Race equality

How Good is Our School? Part 4. Evaluating educational provision for bilingual learners

Count us in
Achieving inclusion in Scottish Schools: An HM Instectorate of Education Report

Inclusion Reference Manual (2008)
HMIe Scotland's definition of inclusion and HMI's activities to support it.

British Council Scotland
Support for language education in Scotland

Modern Languages Excellence Report
Report from the Modern Languages Excellence Group

Books for all
The Books for All project is delivered by Learning and Teaching Scotland and CALL Scotland on behalf of the Scottish Government. The project supports local authorities, teachers and other practitioners in the provision of adapted learning materials in accessible, alternative formats for pupils who have difficulties reading ordinary printed books.

[6.12.11] Reference grammars for primary teachers of modern languages
French, German, Spanish and Italian

[7.12.11] Support Manual: Towards excellent support for children and young people
Guidance to ensure that all managers and practitioners effectively meet the additional support needs of children and young people. Developed in Perth and Kinross, but comprehensive coverage of policay and practice makes it relevant throughout Scotland. Updates and builds on Effective Provision for Educational Needs and Manual of Good Practice.

[18.5.12] Language Learning in Scotland : A 1+2 Approach
Languages Working Group Final Report and Recommendations. (Scottish Government 17.5.12)
Full report and associated documents:

[9.9.12] National Survey of Modern Language Provision in Scottish Schools: Summary of Findings
Part 1:Primary Schools; Part 2: Secondary Schools

[28.9.12] Passeport pour la Francophonie
An Education Scotland website that helps primary teachers to provide stimulating and exciting learning experiences at second level and will develop skills of reading, writing, listening and talking. The online resource provides suggestions for exploring the other curricular areas such RME or maths and numeracy through the medium of French language and culture.

[28.9.12] Curriculum for Excellence Briefing 4: Interdisciplinary learning
This Curriculum for Excellence briefing explores interdisciplinary learning, how it can be planned and how you can take it forward.

[26.11.12] Scottish Government response to the Report of the Languages Working Group
Published November 2012




David Wilson
A teacher's site offering a wealth of information on MFL/SfL/SEN, including an extensive bibiliography and links to other sites around the world.

Graham Davies
An extensive personal webliogagraphy for modern foreign language learning.

John Bald
Practical help with literacy and foreign languages

Joe Dale
Integrating ICT into the MFL classroom

Information and Communications Technology for Teachers
Created initially with EU funding, this site is now maintained by Graham Davies. It is an excellent of free advice and training if you want to expore how ICT can be used in MFL, EFL, etc.

Larry Ferlazzo
Larry specialises in providing lists of links on a range of topics, mostly related to EFL, ESOL etc. but of interest to teachers of any language.

Isabelle Jones
My Languages: practitioner's blog

[12.2.12] Suzi Bewell's blog

[22.7.13] Rachel Hawkes


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