Hilary McColl – MFL Projects


Europe, Language Learning and Special Educational Needs
1994-96. Working on secondment with SEN staff of Strathclyde University, I visited special and mainstream schools with a remit to find out how SEN pupils in secondary and special schools were being catered for as far as two curriculum areas were concerned: Modern Languages and the European Dimension. The outcome was a compendium of advice which was distributed to mainstream and special schools in Scotland. Some extracts from that publication are included on this site.

Higher Still - Access
1998-2000. Working with the Higher Still Development Unit and schools, I was closely involved with the development of Access level qualifications in Modern Languages and have worked with Learning and Teaching Scotland to produce or revise support for teachers and learners working at those levels. Links to those materials and copies of others that I developed for related training sessions can be found on this site.

Improving Collaborative Practice / Working Together for Inclusion
For about 6 years or so I ran in-school projects entitled Improving Collaborative Practice and Working Together for Inclusion in Modern Languages which teamed up modern language teachers and support for learning teachers who worked together on curriculum development initiatives related to school and MFL department priorities. The success of these led to a new project to produce free-standing materials which could be made available to a larger number of schools. Archive material from these projects can be found on this site.

Maximising Potential
This new version of the materials, piloted in a few Scottish schools in session 2006-7, became an online project now known as Maximising Potential. It provides materials to support a term- or year-long programme of development and can count towards continuing professional development. Maximising Potential is now one of Learning and Teaching Scotland's mini websites. Further information about the programme can be found on the CPD page on this site. Supplementary support for the Maximising Potential programme is still provided on this site.

Mini Modules
My most recent project involved making CD collections of multisensory materials for teachers in primary and special schools who may be teaching languages to pupils and students in the early stages of language learning and who may not themselves be confident linguists. The CDs provided support for the teacher as well as multisensory resources for use with classes. In keeping with other aspects of my work, these materials exemplify, as far as possible, the multisensory approaches to language learning that I advocate on this site and support increased interaction between pupils and their teachers. Two titles were produced: a Christmas story, The Week before Christmas and Please can I have a pet? both in English, French, German, Italian. Copies are still available on request. Storytelling


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