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The purpose of the curriculum

The purpose of the curriculum is encapsulated in the four capacities - to enable each child or young person to be a successful learner, a confident individual, a responsible citizen and an effective contributor. For details of the implications for the curriculum as a whole, see the diagram here•:

Modern language learning can make a unique contribution to the curriculum in all of these aspects.

* from Building the Curriculum 3: A framework for learning and teaching (Scottish Government 2008)


Why does language learning matter?

Language learning is life enhancing. It opens the doors to possibilities and experiences which are not available to those who are restricted to the knowledge of one language. Learning an additional language also facitlitates a deeper understanding of the possibilities of language and communication, including those relating to the learner's mother tongue. (p6)

Research evidence indicates that learning another language can foster a deeper understanding of one's own language and can assist young people's cognitive develoopment in a number of ways/ (p.11)

From: Language Learning in Scotland: A 1+2 Approach
Scottish Government Languages Working Group Report and Recommendations (May 2012)