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The National Framework

The framework focuses on supporting children and young people aged 3-18 in line with Curriculum for Excellence. It is intended for all practitioners and partners, in every setting.

Advice and links relating to support within the Curriculum for Excellence can be found here:


Debunking the myths

... Another equally damaging myth is the notion that language learning is only suited to the more academically-able pupils. Numerous studies have demonstrated that languages can be made accessible to all learners, and, more importantly, that all learners can benefit from language learning. Appropriate pedagogy, differentiated to meet individual learning needs, can ensure success in foreign language learning even for those with additional support needs.

Extract from Modern Languages Excellence Report, February 2011 (page 8)

Supporting learners
Delivering the entitlement to support jn Curriculum for Excellence

[21.6.13] Extract from European an External Relations Committee, 3rd Report, 2013 (Scottish Government)
The Committee calls on the Scottish Government to propose how the 1+2 initiative can take into account children with ASN, and calls for implementation of the initiative to ensure that children with ASN are adequately provided for.
(Paragraph 111, p.25)

[22.8.14] 1+2 Pilot at St Modan's: Languages in the senior phas – an ASN focus