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[4.4.12] Access to the curriculum

" ...some secondary schools always withdrew the pupil from a second language without consultation with the pupils involved, based on the assumption that an additional language would be too challenging for deaf pupils.

In one area visited, deaf pupils had a positive experience in studying an additional language and were achieving well. The specific focus on grammar and syntax helped them to understand the differing language structures of English and BSL."

from: Count us in: Achieving Success for Deaf Pupils (HMIe 2007)

[28.3.14] SQA

SQA has partnered with SignVideo to enable deaf British Sign Language (BSL) users to contact them conveniently in their own language. A BSL Live link is now available on the contact page of the SQA website. BSL users, with access to a computer, a webcam and a broadband connection, are now able to connect to a SignVideo interpreter instantly and make a free BSL interpreted call to the SQA Customer Support Team.

[28.3.14] Scottish CILT

Scottish CILT now has a page devoted to BSL as a language

[30.1.15] BSL and Makaton
Nursery and primary school pupils in the Highlands will be the first in Scotland to be taught sign language as part of the new curriculum.