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This page brings together research items from other areas of this website. What the items have in common is an interest in improving provision in foreign language learning for students who may be expected to experience particular difficulty with the subject.


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Teaching Modern Foreign Languages to EAL students
A collaborative research enquiry undertaken by a group of Languages trainees on the University of Sheffield PGCE course in 2010 in relation to schools’ policy on EAL pupils and Language learning. The students investigated the varying EAL policies in their placement schools to compare and contrast the
level and standards of support provided to EAL students. Thanks to Eileen Basford, Holly Price, Karin Raffa, María Usón and to the Modern Languages Department of the University of Sheffield for permission to publish this report.
Download report

Down's Syndrome – Case study
This case study is based on a research project carried out by a secondary school modern language teacher as part of the Chartered Teacher Professional Development Programme in Scotland. The work later formed part of her claim for accreditation of prior learning. She is now a Chartered Teacher.
Download case study

The early learning of English as a foreign language by hearing-impaired children, with particular reference to curriculum modification in special needs schools
This is a copy of a final thesis submitted in 2008 to the University of Cologne Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation. We are grateful to the author, Anne Stoppok (née Royle), and to the University of Cologne for permission to make this research available here. The original report was written in German, with a summary in English. In view of the interest generated by this report, Anne has kindly provided a write-up of her experience in English. All three documents can be downloaded here.
Download full report in German
Download English summary of report
Download English account and Table 3

Children with Asperger's Syndrome in primary school: difficulties with foreign language learning
This dissertation was written by Fabrizia Baso for the final part of her degree in Modern Languages at the University of Venice. It is written partly in Italian, partly in English. We are grateful to the author, to the Unversity and to the family who inspired this study for their permission to publish here. Dissertation

Autism/Asperger's Syndrome
See Vivienne Wire's extensive research concerning learners on the Autism spectrum on her page.

Speech, language and communication difficulties
Andrea Kreyenborg-Nichols' case study formed the basis of the chapter available for download here.

What are the most effective ways in which to teach MFL to students with SEN?
A Masters level PGCE curriculum assignment by Rachel Haigh. With thanks to Rachel and to the University of Sheffield Languages Department for permission to reproduce this insightful study here.
Download dissertation



Provision Of Modern Foreign Languages For Lower Achievers And Pupils With Special Educational Needs In Secondary Schools In England, Scotland And The Czech Republic
By Mary Clare McEachern - Kelly. Thesis submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree Of M.Litt to the University Of Glasgow

[27.4.12] IRIS
A digital repository of data collection instruments for research into second language learning and teaching

[7.6.13] Investigating the views of children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties about their experience of learning French
An article by Claire Wengen in Issue 26 of the Scottish Languages Review.

[5.9.13] Research hubs
This page features free electronic sources of research into second language teaching.

5.9.13] The quiet revolution: transformational languages research by teaching school alliances
Theme 1: Grammar, writing and reading
Theme 2: Memorisation and pronunciation improvement using body language and gesture
Theme 3: Motivation to learn a language, intercultural understanding, authentic materials and activity
Theme 4: Special educational needs and less able learners
Theme 5: Spontaneous strategies as the gateway to attainment
Theme 6: Talk in the classroom – Understanding the barriers to speaking
Theme 7: Leadership of Modern Foreign Languages and whole-school approaches

[15.3.14] Implemention action research in the modern language classroom
An article from the Scottish Languages Review (Issue 27, 2014) reporting on an action research project the authors facilitated with three modern language teachers working in secondary schools in the West Midlands and Yorkshire.

[5.10.14] Learning support to grade 4 learners who experience barriers to English as language of learning and teaching
Blanche Denise Mackay. Research paper submitted to the University of South Africa in accordance with the requirements for the degree if Master of Education (215 pages).




Action research in education

Comprehensive advice from the University of Plymouth.

Action Research
An introduction to action research in the Themes in Education series by Brown University.

Research roundup
A bi-monthly digest that collates and summarises national and international educational research and statistical reports.

Teacher-Led Research
Designing and implementing randomised controlled trials and other forms of experimental research
by Richard Churches and Eleanor Dommett.


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