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This is a not-for-profit website which aims to support foreign language and community language teachers in their efforts to make effective provision for learners of all abilities.

POLICY: It takes as its starting point the conviction that second language learning is a gateway to significant personal benefits, that everyone can benefit, and that no-one should be excluded.

PRACTICE: It looks at how to ensure that everyone can be included effectively and how the needs of learners who may require enhanced support can be achieved without ignoring the needs of the rest.

The website does not cover all aspects of the subject. Existing coverage reflects the work and personal experience of the contributors, most of whose work has been in Scotland. Some pages are still being developed; others will be developed over time. We welcome contributions from practitioners who can further illuminate or add to existing coverage.



The core of the material on this website reflects insights gained initially in the course of various projects carried out in Scotland between 1994 and 2005. Details of these projects can be found in the website archives.

Languages Without Limits is a development and extension of Hilary McColl's website: MFL & Inclusion. All of the resources from the original site can be found here, together with new resources and updated links.



... original content provided by the contributors for display on the website;

... downloads: copies of page content, or further material drawn from contributors' work off-site;

... downloads invited from a number of external sources, comprising of original work which would not otherwise be in the public domain (e.g. case studies, research and dissertations submitted in fulfilment or part fulfilment of professional qualifications) and reprints of works or part works which are otherwise unavailable;

... FAQs. Users of the website contact us from time to time with specific questions. Some representative questions, together with the answers provided, are included as downloads at appropriate points;

... hyperlinks to external websites, together with date of most recent verification and a brief indication of why they may be of interest to visitors to this site. Linking to a website does not imply endorsement; visitors will make their own judgements.

[28.3.11] APOLOGIES...
Curricula in all parts of UK are currently undergoing significant change and official websites are being redeveloped, realigned, merged or closed, with consequent disruption to familiar links. We will attempt to keep track of the
changes over the coming months but in the meantime you will find, inevitably, numerous links which no longer work or which point to pages which have been archived.


WEBMASTER Currently, Hilary McColl:



Most downloads on this site are in the form of PDF files. To access them you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader software. If this is not already installed on your computer you can download a copy free of charge from the Adobe site:

A few PowerPoint presentations are available to download from this site. PowerPoint converters and viewers can be downloaded free here:


The materials on this website may be copied, downloaded, printed and used for non-commercial purposes in a teaching or training environment. If such materials are reproduced in any form, in whole or in part, the source of the materials and their authors should be acknowledged. Materials accessed by links to other websites will be subject to their own copyright terms which should be consulted before downloading or copying.

Creative Commons License
Languages without Limits by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.


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